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Technology and Real Estate

With millennials now making up a big market for first-time homebuyers and others using the internet to research houses properties on the internet, it is a safe to say that print ads are dead. In this technology driven age it is crucial for home buyers and sellers, as well as their agents to remain very active on social media.

While social media is a tool that can be used by real estate professionals to widen their net when looking for buyers and sellers. It is not a silver bullet by any stretch of the imagination, though, and it’s important to make sure you don’t place the whole of your trust in social media. If you’re going to make use of it, though, here are some tips you should take to heart.

Use Social Media for Research

Interacting with people who are in the know can get you some great tips on who to talk to, especially if you are looking to buy or sell a home. While it shouldn’t be the only research you do, it should help and be on your to do list.


Postcard marketing has been a staple of the real estate marketing arsenal for a long time, but those days are nearing their end. Imagine that you can target ads towards a specific audience or key target market. Facebook can deliver your ad to prospective clients. Facebook helps attracts buyers as you can see and share photos of what living in the home is normally like. By hiring a professional photographer and staging company, you can not only see the home and rooms from different angles, without physically seeing the home. Facebook is a great way to reinvent Postcard marketing and generate leads for properties.


By uploading a video to YouTube, this will help engage potential buyers before they even commit to a walk through of the home. By having a home tour of your own uploaded to the streaming service, you can attract views from curious buyers, as well as making the listing easier to be discovered when researching about the area or neighbourhood.


Instagram can give you instant feedback and you can share unique photos and videos featuring listings, record testimonial and interview videos, and share homeowner tips all in one aesthetically pleasing platform. With Instagram being a more visually appealing social media channel, it makes for a great marketing tool that helps to share visually appealing photos of the inside and outside of properties.

Real Estate Specific Sites

Single Property Websites are a single website that is dedicated to one specific property. By having a single property website created you not only impress potential buyers but also show off your own property and have more creative freedom to highlight the property, as well as creating unique content for the page. In today’s competitive real estate market using single property sites will help with your listing but also improve your online searchability.

Craigslist or Kijiji

Sites like these not only help to create a wider net, but also help to get your ad out there to potential buyers who may not have even seen your other listings. However, with sites like these it is important to have your ad stand out and not get lost among the herd of other real estate postings. It is important to catch potential buyer’s eyes, so maybe hire a professional photographer, and make sure your property is looking at its best. Quality pictures are the most important part of your listing and they will help you to stand out.

In real estate, listings, open houses, and tours are some of the main stepping stones towards making a sale, and with the help of new technology and the digital world, it has made it a lot easier to do this.

Every audience is distinct, and they will not all respond to the same content in the same way. The automation capabilities of social media platforms mean agents can maximize their relevance at a fraction of the cost the pay on other channels. As some houses need different tools to sell compared to other houses, each house and client is unique and different.


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