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Why I Work By Referral

Relationships Are More Important Than Transactions

Some of you may have noticed that some real estate agents take a more transactional approach when it comes to sales - meaning that are identifying clients, closing the clients and once everything is finalized they will then move on the next client. I choose not to work this way, as I believe you deserve more from the professional you decide to work with. That is why I work by referral.

Since my primary source of new business is from clients that have referred me, these referrals are all from previous clients that not only worked with me but trusted me as well. This not only saves me time from prospecting new clients and getting my name out there, I can spend more time working with clients and understanding their needs.

Working by Referral is all About Trust

When it comes to a service, we are looking for someone we can trust - someone that is not only proven themselves but also comes highly recommended and already on your side and ready to help.

I Aim to Exceed Your Expectations

Not only do I aim to exceed your expectations I know that I must earn your future referrals. I am truly invested in making sure that you are completely satisfied with our transaction, I also want you to be “fired up” that you can’t wait to not only tell your friends, but also your family about the process and the fantastic service you received!

You Can Come To Me For Any Referral

Consider me your source for all types of businesses, whether they are related to real estate or not. I have partnered with various professionals that are competent and will be happy to help. I can refer you to professionals for home repairs/improvements, legal professionals, inspectors, pest control, landscape/maintenance, business professionals and many more! Feel free to ask; I may just know the person you are looking for.

The Service Continues After the Sale

I make sure to not only devote my service before and during the sale process, but also after the process is completed. Unlike some real estate agents that take a transactional approach, you can expect me to keep in touch. I will stay in touch and will send you valuable information each month and expect a call from me every so often to just check in and see how you are doing and if you need anything!

A referral is the greatest compliment anyone can provide me. If you know of anyone I can assist, pleast contact me anytime! I am always here to help. Oh by the way... I am never too busy for your referrals.


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